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The Secret
of Healing

The Healing Powers of Zeev Kolman

A True Story

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A journey
into Healing

The Mind is the Healer, The Mind is the Killer

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Zeev Kolman

"Healing is Love"

Zeev Kolman fully intended to pursue a career in his family business of interior decorating. But destiny had other plans.

During a stint in the Israeli army, Kolman had an experience on a mountain top in the desert that changed the course and purpose of his life. He had what is now generally recognized as a very deep spiritual experience or awakening which resulted in a miraculous transformation. Gradually, the simple businessman realized he had acquired healing powers as a result of that experience.

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Bioenergetics is the application of biological energy for practical constructive purposes.

Zeev Kolman's bioenergetic healing works at the level of the subtle bodies to cause a healing to take place from the most primary level of a disease's origins.

The body and its components all run on energy.

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Five Simple Steps

to self-healing, as taught by Zeev Kolman in his healing workshops.

Relax :

Sit quietly. Meditate. Listen to your favorite music or repeat a mantra, a calming word or phrase.

Breathe :

Inhale deeply. Hold your breath. Use your imagination to push the oxygen to all the organs of your body including the heart, stomach, and legs.

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